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Learning Difficulty Solutions Counseling Centres Malad Mumbai identifies LD through assessments

Learning Difficulty Solutions Counselors Mumbai, Learning Difficulty Solutions for Kids and Students, we conduct Learning Disability Assessments for Children, LD Identification Consultants we observe for behavioural personality disorder through unique intervention programs and help to build parent-child relationship to overcome LD.

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Career Counselling Centre provides a friendly, professional and confidential service to school and college students. The Student Counselling Centre is committed in addressing the academic and career development of students in a multicultural society.

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  • Career Assessment & Counseling of students

    Aptitude Testing, Interest, Personality & Intelligence Testing

    Top 3 crystal clear career recommendations.

    One-to-one personal Career Counseling with the student.

    To facilitate and guide the Students and Parents, we conduct Career Guidance and Counseling program for students studying in 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th and Graduating students. Make an informed Career Decision by undergoing scientific assessments and understand your Interest and Abilities not just for a career but for a happy and satisfying career.

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  • IQ Assessment

    Get IQ Testing done of your Children from 3 Years and above.

    Know your child’s intelligence level, Strengths and Weaknesses through the world’s leading IQ tests

    Comprehension Memory Reasoning abilities Vocabulary Speed
    Decision Making Skills Numerical skills Concentration Visual Motor Co-ordination

    Talk to our experts for overall development of your child.

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  • Learning Difficulty Solutions

    Learning difficulty doesn’t have anything to do with a person's intelligence - after all successful people as Walt Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, and Winston Churchill all had learning disabilities.

    Nearly 10% of children in each class suffer from Learning Difficulty. The most important task is to identify this at an early stage so that it does not become a nightmare for the child. There are many kinds of learning disabilities each having its own attribute and affecting a child in some or the other way

    Key solutions with RMCC:
    Identification of Learning Difficulty through assessment batteries
    Type and extent (level) of difficulty
    Unique intervention programs to overcome LD
          • Remediation focusing on skill building of the child.
          • Reading, Vocabulary & Comprehension Skills.
          • Brain Yoga.
          • Memory & Concentration.
          • Emotional management
          • Confidence building
          • Parent / Teacher training to support child remedial program.

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  • Personal Counseling

    If you are sensing the rise of conflicts in your life, talk to our Clinical Psychologist to perceive your personal problem in the right perspective. Counseling at RMCC helps to understand the cause of the conflict, suggest viable solutions and help adopt practices to foster a more positive response to such situations with an expert help and move closer to a practical solution.

    Child CounselingParent-child CounselingEmotional Management
    Anger Management Study & Stress Handling Relationship Counseling

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  • Clinical Diagnostic Testing in areas of

    Behavioural disorder assessments.

    IQ Assessments - Pre-school to adults.

    Dyslexia Identification Test.

    Personality Assessment.

  • Work S.M.A.R.T

    A powerful student and family empowerment program to build confidence inculcate self discipline and enhance performance

    Goal SettingBrain YogaEffective Study HabitsTime ManagementSocial InteractionBuilding ConfidenceReading, Vocabulary and Comprehension Skill enhancement

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