Career Assessment and Guidance

Career Guidance Program

RMCC conducts online and offline Career Assessment test & Career counseling for students either on an individual basis or in a group format basis. Our USP is clarity, standardization and accuracy of reports & recommendations borne out of years of in-depth research & refinement. All of these are designed to clear an individual’s confusion as to how to choose a career.

This is supported by a career aptitude test and in-depth one on one online and offline counseling session with our Career Guidance expert which helps the student/parent/ individual arrive at an informed career choice and choose a career.

Why is Career Counseling important?
Counselors are a guiding force that help individuals recognize their true potential and choose a career path suited to their personality, areas of interest and skill sets which vastly increases the chances of obtaining career success. The guidance given throughout counseling sessions holds substantial importance in the overall development of an individual.

Importance of Career Guidance

1. Determine a right career: Career Counseling assists individuals in the decision-making process so that they can choose a career path that is well suited to their interests, values, abilities, and personality style.

2. Self-Awareness: Career Counseling helps in becoming self aware and getting to know the individual’s strengths and weaknesses which further guides them to make choices based on their true interests and potential.

3. Gaining the right skill: Career Counseling helps in identifying their skills and are important for a successful career.The career counselors are well aware of the jobs in the market and the skills that are required for specific fields.

4. Career Mapping: Career Counseling helps in eradicating confusion. It benefits individuals to find the right career path by examining their core competencies. The individuals can make the right subject/stream/course choices to pursue their career.

5. Support and Motivation: Career Counseling builds the motivational level of an individual which is necessary and provides emotional support to help students feel validated, preventing them from feeling lost along their journey.

6. Developing Confidence and Insight: Career Counseling fills them with self confidence and courage to pursue their career or switch their career path.

7. Plan of Action: Career counseling guides an individual to map out their plans with their self-awareness. The individual can chart out a proper career path which helps them foresee the path with lucidity.

The parents, students and individuals have misconceptions about career counseling but it is crucial to understand the significance of career counseling in one’s life. Career counselors assist individuals to choose their apt career option. They guide them with the right directions and career path to attain it. Career counselors at RMCC conduct globally accepted psychometric assessments which help them to understand their interest, abilities, skills and personality. Career counseling becomes a win-win situation for the individual to acquire a successful career in future.

 CAREER COUNSELING (Make the right career choice)

With a wide array of career choices ranging from engineering, mass media, medicine, IT, Biotechnology etc.. and the list is endless, how do students decide what to pursue and how to choose a career.

To recommend an appropriate career our counselors conduct an online/ offline Career Assessment Test through which they get a detailed report on Individual’s interest, their strengths and limitations which is discussed in detail with the student and parents and the best career options are recommended. This is how to choose a career. The process remains the same online/ offline.

Step 1: Career Assessment Test is a battery of 3 tests i.e (Aptitude, Interest and Personality which will give insight about who you are and what suits you. The assessment can be given offline/ online.

  • Personality test is standardized instrument designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character
  • Interest test, is designed for the purpose of measuring and evaluating the level of an individual’s interest in, or preference for, a variety of activities; also known as interest test.
  • Career Aptitude Test is structured systematic ways of evaluating how people perform on tasks or react to different situations. The aptitude test will consist of various subtests. These subtests include an Abstract Reasoning Test, Verbal Reasoning Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, Spatial Reasoning Test, Analytical Reasoning Test and Data analysis Test.

Step 2: Assessment Report is explained in detail by our experienced career counselors, who are certified to aid an individual on how to choose a career. The report explanation can be done offline/ online.

Step 3: One to One Personal Career counselling discusses the career map and pathway based on the top career recommendations for the client. The process remains the same online/ offline.

Online Career Counseling
RMCC is a one stop solution for all your career queries. We provide career counseling services – online and offline. Online Career Counseling is a quick approach to get important information and online services help you connect and register quickly. With everything being available so quickly online, online career counseling is also the need of the hour and RMCC provides you with expert counselors who can connect with you online and answer your queries. RMCC uses a psychometric assessment to evaluate the individual and helps in obtaining in depth information about the students’ interest, personality and skill sets which can help in evaluating the appropriate career choice for the person and make an informed career decision. Our career library has 300+ careers and the information provided to us with the assessment helps us map the right career choice for the individual. Our online career counseling process includes – an initial career inquiry, giving the online assessment, and an in depth career counseling session.


Grade 8 to 10: This assessment takes into account the aptitude, interest and personality of the student and thereby concludes the most appropriate stream for him at the intermediate level. It also highlights the behavioral coordinates which includes study habits, social habits etc. of an individual. The detailed analysis of the student’s personality helps understand how they can increase their effectiveness.

Grade 11-12/ Junior College: An analysis of aptitude, interest and personality is done in this assessment, and thereby the top 5 most suitable graduation courses for the student are recommended. This assessment too, gives an insight into the behaviour patterns like study habits, social habits etc. of the individual. This understanding can greatly aid him/her in improving himself, so as to be able to reach his/her maximum potential in the undergraduate course.

Undergraduate students: This assessment is designed to answer the question as to ‘what next’. Whether to start working or to go for a master’s degree, which master’s degree will be the most suitable for the student, and post that which industry will he/she fit best into and which job profile will be the most fulfilling for him/her.

Working professionals: A detailed personality assessment along with the aptitude assessment is used to aid the working professions in getting a better understanding of them and hence identify the most suitable industry for them. Also it sheds light on how they can grow further in their career, whether a career switch will be a better choice or they should opt for entrepreneurship. Again this assessment enables them to leverage on their assets and overcome their challenges.

Career Counseling FAQ's

Why is career counseling required?

Career guidance program helps with taking an informed career decision and making right choices at each level of your career path – subject selection, stream selection and course selection. Career guidance after 12th also helps you understand about your strengths and areas of improvement, career interest and your personality.

What is career counselling for students?

Career counselling online is a process of giving guidance and suppport to help students map their career options based on their personality, interest and aptitude and understand implications of their subject choices and to help them make an informed decision.

What actually happens in career counselling?

“As a part of career counselling online process, we use standardized psychometric assessments to evaluate an individual’s profile. Based on understanding about the individual’s interest and personality, we map these with their skills. Overall, this information is used to recommend the right career guidance after 10th, graduate students and working professionals. Post this, the counselor also suggests various other career options and pros and cons of each.”

Do I need to prepare anything before the career assessment test?

No preparation is required for the career assessment when enrolling for the career guidance program.. You just need to be calm and answer honestly. Read all instructions carefully before you begin the assessment.

Will the counsellor suggest courses based on my interest?

Interest is an important parameter for course selection. however personality and skills and abilities are also important to map career choices. So the recommended career path will be based on multipe parameters.

When is the right time to start career counseling / guidance?

The recommended time for career selection – subject selection is the foundation to go the appropriate path especially for ICSE/IGCSE students for them to take up a suitable stream and career guidance after 12th. For other boards, stream selection is the foundation to choose the appropriate subjects and to select the right stream – Science, Commerce or Humanities. Students/ Working Professionals can reach out to us anytime when they need guidance and support with respect to changing their profile, upskilling for better career counselling in Mumbai.

What is the duration of the career assessment? Do I have to take it in a single sitting?

The career assessment test in a career guidance program takes about 1.5 hours in total to complete. Yes, you need to complete the assessment in a single sitting.

Do you involve parents also in the counselling process?

We believe that parents are an integral part in the decision making process of the student’s career path. We encourage them to be present for the online career gudiance sessions and it’ll help them understand their children’s strengths and career interest.

I do not reside in Mumbai. Can I still enroll for a career counselling session near me?

Our center is based in Mumbai but we do offer online sessions for students/ professionals who do belong to other cities/ countries. The online career counselling can be conducted over Google meet/ Zoom. The effectiveness of the sessions is the same and we give individuals the flexibility to choose the medium (online/offline) that is comfortable with them.

Is this test only for students or can professionals also take the test?

In our elusive career guidance program,there are different assesments for students, graduates and working professionals. Depending upon where the individual stands in their career path, the career counselor will help them understand what career profiles will be best suited for them and chalk out a path for the same with them.

What exactly is learning styles and why is it important?

The learning styles assessment focuses on understanding the student’s inherent learning style and helps them learn strategies that will enhance their learning process. The four key learning styles are: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading and writing.

Do working professionals also need career guidance?

Working professionals may need a career guidance program to understand how to enhance their career and understand the relevant job profiles for them. After evaluating their concerns and career profile in detail, the counselor assists them to chalk out a career plan and help them with their holistic development.

Why do graduates need career counseling?