Career Development Centre Testimonials

Ritika Jajodia 20/02/2019 It was pretty much good . Got a know something new about myself was really surprised about the timings about myself. Will surely work on it & come forward.
Ishika Verma 20/02/2019 This session was very helpful for me . It pursue my education in MBA in mass media. Further everything was well prepared & explained. GOOD JOB.
Pratiksha Pawar 04/02/2019 I got a lot to learn from this session. I got a perfect idea to choose my career. I am confident about my plans after attending the workshop & result which i got.
Jhanvi Sharma 04/02/2019 The entire counseling was really good & helpful it helps me to know more ways to study & also to make correct choice for my career. The counseling was very interesting & all our doubts & problems for our career is solved. Thank you so much.
Ritika Chandak 01/02/2019 It was nice experience. Thank you for helping me out in finding my career which is suitable for me.
Zoya Sayyed 01/02/2019 I think the counseling was very good. I came to know many things about myself. I’ll try to follow the recommendation.
Sarupa Khetan 24/01/2019 Ma’am Thank you, for this i am really glad to have you. Today i really felt good that you understand me. And Thank you mam for the advice of graphic designing . I ‘ll advice my parents & right now work on studies. Love u Ma’am.
Amrita Kathikuloth 30/01/2019 The workshop was very useful. The workshop teaches us to love yourself & think that we are beautiful irrespective of what others think. We should also respect our friends& not to tease them. This workshop was very interesting.
Riddhi Boritkar 30/01/2019 This workshop teaches you to love yourself, to think positive in any situation. The workshop encourages & motivate to be honest about our self.
Tanay Baid 30/01/2019 It was a great workshop & by this workshop now I can manage my time & by her mantra’s i can get a nice percentage in board. Thank You.
Kuldeep Pandey 30/01/2019 It was very helpful to me , I got many points which i was not knowing. It can be done better by giving measures to manage mind diversion during studying & during writing exams.
Anshul Yadav 31/01/2019 The workshop was very nice as Ma’am explained about the career’s which we can choose after 12th & she also told us how we can choose in which stream we should go. It was very helpful in choosing our career.
Jyoti Maurya 24/12/2018 Session was excellent as last session. It came to know us our potential how much we have & yes I would say , This session made me more confident compel to earlier.
Sunaina Bhusankar 22/12/2018 The workshop is was very helpful all the basic etiquettes was cleared & it was very interesting to gain some more knowledge from Ma’am.
Netra Shah 22/12/2018 The workshop was very informative & the counselor was interactive as well as creative with her manner of presenting the topic. I would love to have such workshops in the future as well.
Joewin Correa 24/12/2018 Workshop was wonderful got to learn a lot & the fear of speaking in front of public is just vanished . All thanks t to Ma’am she is awesome.
Eshita Agarwal 27/11/2018 The workshop was good helped us understanding that goal is important in life to be successful & Ma’am helped us making a goal for us & this activity would help decision making & the session was awesome.
Tanvi Patil 27/11/2018 It was great. Never felt better as i felt today . Got a clarity about my goals & my ownself also. Now I’m calmed a lot. The workshop which actually changed me today. Thank you so much for this.
Digvijay Patil 27/11/2018 The first session was really good & satisfying. It helped me to know about myself a bit more. I am looking forward for more of this.
Mansi Patel 27/11/2018 Today’s Workshop was really awesome it helped me to focus on my goals & set the goal and i really like how Ma’am explain us she is awesome & a excellent counselor from my side.
Vaishnavi Shetty 26/11/2018 Today’s session with Ma’am was amazing. It made is think & it made me love myself more than I used to do. I learnt a lesson that never listen to anyone just be happy with whatever I am doing. And I learnt a positive attitude.
Shreedhar Humbarkar 29/09/2017 It was very nice to attend the CDP lecture. I learned a lot of things about myself that which I can do. I would like to attend more lectures of CDP
Rashi Agrawal 03/10/2017 It really really helped me and I feel better after this.
Mohit Devda 03/10/2017 It was really helpful & I got my capabilities through this.