Career Guidance Webinar on 14th August, 2020

Webinar: Career Guidance (D. G. Tatkare Mahavidyalaya) – 14th August, Graduate Students (B.A., B.Com. B. Sc., B. M. S., B. Sc. IT)

Webinar Brief:

A career guidance webinar was conducted by RMCC on 14th August for the students pursuing their graduation programme from D. G. Tatkare Mahavidyalay in Mangaon, Maharashtra. Over 75 students pursuing their graduation degree, from different courses – B.A., B. Com, B.M.S., B. Sc. and B. Sc. (IT) attended the session. The objective of the session was to help the students understand the importance of career assessments and guidance in making the right career choices.

The webinar focused on the importance of subject selection for students in their formative years of grade VIII and IX. Why it is imperative to know a career options at an early stage and how selecting and dropping of a subject can impact the future career choices.

The webinar focused on understanding how personality, interest and aptitude play a very important role in choosing a career and are helpful in career counseling. The facilitator spoke to the students about what are the anticipated challenges in choosing a career. We also discussed how the assessment helps us obtain a deeper understanding of our strengths and areas of improvement which eventually helps us in making the right choice. The facilitator discussed various masters courses available under each of the various streams pursued by the students and common streams open for all students to make them understand that it’s never too late to make the right career choices and change their career paths (if necessary). The different learning and working opportunities for students who wanted to work immediately after their graduate programme were also discussed. The students thanked the facilitator for her inputs and mentioned that they obtained clarity in understanding the different options available for them.