Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the website of Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre of Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust!

Our Trust holds the promise of an academic experience which gives students the freedom to choose what they want to be. In today’s competitive world, students are under a lot of pressure to perform academically as well as to select a proper branch of study that will help a student to pursue a right career and lead a happy and successful life.

Although parents play an important role to decide what is best for their children, a counselor is the best person to identify the interest of a student and thereby guide in the right direction. With this aim, we have taken a progressive step to provide career counseling services through Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre in our campus.

Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Center is regularly giving support to the schools in our campus by arranging counseling sessions. Individual counseling sessions are also arranged for confidence building and to correct various behavioral aspects of children. Overseas counseling provided by RMCC has also yielded desired results for the students. Many students have been placed in some of the world’s best universities for various Bachelors and Masters programmes.

Services of RMCC is not confined to the campus students only. Many students coming from other institutions have also been benefitted by the career guidance programme that includes Psychometric test to assess Aptitude, Interest, Intelligence and Personality. Three recommendations are given for career based on the tests. All such tests are conducted by eminent counselors.

With its mission of providing a friendly, professional and confidential service to students, I am sure that Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Center will be able to guide the students to opt for a right stream of studies followed by a career of their choice. They will not consider their work as a task but will enjoy every moment while they earn their living.