Communication Skills Workshop

On 23rd January 2018, RMCC, held a workshop on communication Skills for the Students of GSCC senior College. Two workshops were held parallel for two groups of students.

Effective communication is the key to success as students, in workplace and even within interpersonal relationships. Thus the focus of the workshop was to enable the students to use their interactions to its maximum potential, to be able to communicate thoughts effectively and to understand clearly the messages sent from others.

The workshops covered topics like the importance of communicating effectively and there difference between mere communication and doing the same effectively. Its importance as a student and in professional life henceforth was stressed upon, especially to succeed in interviews.

Verbal, Vocal and Non-verbal aspects of communication were covered. Body language, tone of voice and 3 Cs of communication i.e. Completeness, Concreteness and clarity were discussed in detail. Post this an entire module was conducted on Listening skills, which entails 50% of effective communication. Listening holds great importance as a student when we are expected to understand the content of a lecture, thus the students were taught to develop this skill. Some other topics like Passive, Aggressive and Assertive communication were also covered.

The students enjoyed filling the worksheets and participating in the fun activities that created insight. They were attentive and responsive. Overall RMCC received very good feedback for the workshop from the students.