Effective Study Skills – Webinar on 8th August, 2020

RMCC conducted an Effective study skills webinar on 8th August, 2020 (Saturday) to help students learn effective study habits, build up on their motivation and learn effective skills to achieve success.

Owing to the pandemic and the increase in online teaching, the students find it difficult to learn and retain new information and hence, the webinar helped them with learning new skills that could make learning easier. The session entailed different techniques that the students could use to build on their retention, learn new concepts, self motivate themselves and improve their focus. It also entailed activities which focused on practicing the different skills that they learnt during the session so they know how to execute them too. These skills will assist them to be smart learners and ensure that their efforts produce results.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and they mentioned that they would like to have such sessions even later as it was very helpful for them.