Effective Study Skills Workshop

As a part of the Career Development Program, workshop on Effective Study Skills was conducted on 23rd December, 2017 for First Year Junior College Students, by the RMCC counsellors. The workshop was initiated by an introduction of RMCC followed by teaching of study techniques.

The following are the techniques that were taught to the students:

Multi-modal learning: learning through engaging more than one modality.

Mnemonic strategies which are designed to aid long-term recall; through this technique, more than one neural connections of the content are made in the brain, this helps the student remember the material for very long periods of time.

SQ3R, Skimming and use of Side Notes was explained, as the effective ways to learn a chapter.

The construction and application of Mind Maps and Flow charts was demonstrated, to make their learning more systematic, comprehensive and remember the learnt material for longer period of time.

A short module on Time Management was conducted as well to enhance the efficiency of study time and to be able to manage various activities and studies, within the stipulated time.

The workshops were interspersed with fun activities like charades to keep the students engaged.

The students mentioned that the workshop was very beneficial for them, and that they can make use of the learning to improve their academics.