Effective Study Skills Workshop

On 1st and 2nd November 2018 RMCC has conducted an Effective Study Skills Workshop for the students of grade IX and X respectively.
The objective of this workshop was to enable students to study and learn efficiently – they are an important set of transferable life skills. Good study skills can increase your confidence, competence, and self-esteem. They can also reduce anxiety about tests and deadlines. … Good study skills can improve your ability to learn and retain knowledge. Students who use effective study skills may feel their work and effort is more worthwhile.

First, a Learning Styles Checklist was administered to all the students of IX and X grade. This assessment was beneficial in identifying which particular Learning Style does the student fit into. This was done because every individual has a specific learning style and when studying if the specific modality that the student fits into is engaged then the learning is most effective. On the basis of their learning style a customised workshop was formulated.

The workshop was conducted for the students by the RMCC counselor. The workshops were initiated by a discussion of their individualised Learning Style reports and orientation the students to their learning style and how to adapt various strategies according to their learning style. The following are the techniques that were taught to the students:

Multi-modal learning: learning though engaging more than one modality.

Acronyms strategies which are designed to aid long-term recall; an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a words.?

SQ3R, Skimming and use of Side Notes was explained, as the effective ways to learn a chapter.

The construction and application of Mind Maps and Flowcharts was demonstrated, to make their learning more systematic, comprehensive and remember the learnt material for longer period of time.

A short module on Time Management was conducted as well to enhance the efficiency of study time and to be able to manage various activities and studies, within the stipulated time.

The workshops were interspersed with fun activities in accordance with their learning style to keep the students engaged.?

The students in all the groups were very active and participative. They were eager to learn and from their responses it was apparent that they grasped the concepts; they showed how they applied the techniques themselves, after the workshop was over. The students mentioned that they enjoyed themselves as the workshop was very interactive and beneficial for them.