Helen O’Grady

On 7Th July 2018, RMCC, held a Orientation for Academic Year 2018-2019 for Helen O’Grady International Development Speech & Drama Programme.

Helen O’Grady International is conducting a development speech & drama programme for children aged 3-18 years, which focuses on “Experiential Learning”. Development drama upholds child centerdness. Through developmental drama, children are able to find themselves, to discover their personalities, their potentialities and limitations, and their language capabilities. The sooner they develop the ability to control their emotions, opinions and thoughts, and learn to verbalize and communicate their ideas spontaneously, quickly and adequately, the sooner they are equipped with a valuable tool in life.

All this is derived through a well-structured curriculum. Through different creative, speech and movement activities, children are introduced to speech concepts, imagination and visualisation abilities, and body awareness. This helps in raising the confidence level in students and improves their communication skills.