Helping Children to Manage Anger

Helping Children to Manage Anger


A workshop on Helping Children to manage anger in children was conducted by Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Center on 14th January, 2023. In this interactive session, parents understood the sources of anger, the different ways we react to anger and ways to express anger better.


The session focused on how anger is neither good or bad, it is natural to get angry and the way one expresses it decides whether it is good or bad. The parents discussed anger not only in children but also themselves and the reasons why one gets angry. The physiology of anger was understood in terms of changes in the body, how anger creates energy and how this energy needs to be expressed to make one feel comfortable again. The impact of anger on different psychological functions was also discussed.


The parents learnt coping mechanisms that they could help children with. Some of these techniques worked at a physical level and some helped a child process triggers at a mental level. Some techniques help a child become more emotionally resilient so he doesn’t react as much. Behavioral strategies were also discussed to help the child deal with anger in the moment. A dash of fun was added by asking the parents to make anger activity wheels where they made a spinnable wheel with 8 different activities written that the child can spin and do when angry.


That children model themselves after parents was also discussed, with the emphasis on parents expressing their anger more positively and constructively. The parents found the session interesting and helpful and wished it could be longer. Handouts related to the techniques were provided with the participating parents promising they would be using what they had learnt to work on their anger as well as help their children process anger better.


What Our Parents Say:

  • 1) Get to learn so much. Will try to incorporate these in my life.
  • 2) It was a very good session, get to know the techniques to manage anger for myself and also my child. It was really a fantastic session, looking forward to such sessions.
  • 3) Very effective. M’am explained certain remedies which I felt are really awesome.
  • 4) Thank you M’am for your valuable suggestions, tips, ideas to help us as parents to help ourselves and our kids.
  • 5) The seminar is just knowledgeable for me. It will really help me in my daily routine. Thank you for this seminar.