Inhouse Educational Event

Counsellors from Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counselling Centre participated in an Inhouse Educational Event which took place at Children Welfare High School, Versova on 1/10/2015.

The event saw an array of inquisitive and ambitious students and parents from CWC who were more than willing to know the fine points of career prospects in future. The crowd consisted students from 8th to 12th belonging to different streams. The event was inaugurated by a Shiv Sena Leader who was quiet keen in understanding the prospects himself. The flow of students increased as the day progressed. Most of them wanted to know the procedure to get into medical and engineering inquiring about what one should do for its preparation. The student, by our observation was very determined about their choices and on basis of that they wanted to know which subject they should opt for.

The second half of the day witnessed the parents as well as students from 11th and 12th grade. It was very welcoming to see the parent’s interest for younger kids. The teachers and other non staff members were very corporative and made sure that the student’s doubts are cleared. The most appreciating part at the end of the event was getting a feedback from the teachers wherein they mentioned that they found the RMCC counselling very constructive and the students not only cleared their doubts but they also understood and came across various other career prospects. More than that, students who were still not sure of what they want to become in life understood the importance of giving Aptitude Tests, through which they would be able to work on their strengths, weakness and other personality aspects.

We would like to thank Children Welfare School, to give us an opportunity to put up a stall at their event.