Personalised Skill Building

personalised skill building

A lot of times we might have the qualifications to do very well in a particular field, but we lack the soft skills that are required to not just survive but excel in a particular line of work. In response to this need RMCC crafted a unique module called Personalised Skill Building.

A 25 years old client approached RMCC with the following concern. He was technically skilled in his career but lacked the skill to communicate efficiently with his seniors and subordinates, because of which he felt ‘he was not taken seriously and denied opportunities’. Hence, we worked on building Effective Communication Skills with him. As a result, there was a transformation in the way he presented himself and most of all there was significant rise in his self-confidence.

What is Personalised Skill Building?

This service includes training individuals on skills like- Effective Communication and Public Speaking are skills that are becoming imperative for success in today’s world of work. Impression management and grooming might not seem so significant but the role they play during an interview and official meetings is massive. A lot of us don’t know how to put our point across assertively without sounding rude, this is again a skill that is a must to be learnt. After going through this module the individuals will be trained in the specific skill that they have chosen to include in their module.

What does Personalised Skill Building include?

  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Corporate Grooming
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Leadership Skill… many more.

These skills might not seem so important but they have a huge impact in the professional and academic success of an individual. Thus in today’s world it is exceedingly important to master these skills. Our professionals in RMCC train the individuals to develop these skills.

Who should seek Personalised Skill Building?

  • College students
  • College students who want to perform better colleges presentations
  • Working professionals,
  • Who want to up their level in their professional field,
  • Who want to crack an interview,
  • Who are looking for a promotion,
  • Who want to develop their professional skills… etc

As they say, ‘a person is only as good as his conversations.’ Thus many a times these skills become more important than even the academic qualifications of an individual. We, would, therefore, invite you to RMCC to help you build these skills so that you may set on the path of excellence.