Leadership Skills Workshop

Leadership skills are best developed before you get out into the professional world, and college is a great place to practice these qualities. Keeping this in mind on 22d February 2018, RMCC, held a workshop on Leadership Skills for the Students of GSCC senior College.

Leadership is the action of leading people in an organization towards achieving goals. Leaders do this by influencing employee behaviors in several ways. Organisations today are looking for leaders, not followers. Having leadership skills gives an individual a power boost in their career. They get both hired more easily and rise up the ladder sooner. Hence the workshop was organized to develop leadership skills in our students so that they can outshine in the professional world.

The workshops covered the following topics: the difference between a boss and a leader, different types of leadership styles, and the key skills required to be a good leader. The students were made to participate in a group fun game with the respective four leadership styles. It brought insight to them about the influence that different the leadership styles have on the followers and consequently the task, also it enabled them to conclude what Kind of a leader they would like to become.

The workshop was heavily based on experiential learning and interactions. For the practice of the various leadership skills, the students were presented with a scenario and they were required to tackle it using the various skills. It was a very healthy interaction that also gave the students a perspective on the various challenges that leaders have to face.

The students enjoyed filling the worksheet to uncover their leadership style and participating in the fun activity and the discussion. They were attentive and responsive. Overall RMCC received very good feedback for the workshop from the students.