Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. – Margaret Fuller

Reading is one of the most important skills for children. An early start will help to develop the habit of reading in your child and give them a crucial advantage in their journey. Raging Readers has been designed by experts to make your child fluent and proficient in reading. It teaches to read in a fun, easy to follow and engaging way. It will help your child read independently and also develop comprehension skills while reading.

With Raging Readers your child will be able to -


Read independently and understand what he/she is reading

Is your child struggling to read simple words? Children have a natural curiosity and love stories, but if they show disinterest in reading, it is because something is blocking their progress. This programme clears the learning blocks for children and guides them to read fluently and understand what they are reading.


Frame sentences and write short essays and stories

While children get introduced to reading independently, they also develop the skill to frame sentences correctly and learn to write small essays and even stories on their own. This programme also helps children to speak grammatically correct English.


Become a deep and reflective reader

As your child learns to read fluently, he/she begins to enjoy the joy of being able to explore the world of books. This will make your child a reflective reader developing skills of questioning, research and independent thinking.


Imagine and tell/ narrate stories

Children have great imagination and can be the best storytellers. This programme while teaching children to read, also hones their natural instinct and creativity. It helps them to express themselves confidently and creatively.

The Raging Readers programme

The Raging Readers programme is based on scientific research. It makes the reading journey for children wonderful as it keeps them motivated and excited to explore a whole new world through reading. Children are guided to learn at their own pace with focus on phonics, sight words, vocabulary and dictation as they embark on a lifelong journey of a love for reading.

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