Malad Masti

Malad Masti is an event help on back roads of Malad west on all Sunday of December, it is rostered with lots of fun and educational activities on road. RMCC had participated in Malad Masti of 16th & 23rd Dec December 2018. We had organized fun & educational activity like Dribbling the ball & Memory game in which kids were allowed to see a box of items for 20 seconds after that box was covered and then 1 minute to write minimum 15? items & minimum of? 4 sentence on the application of those items on a sheet of paper. We had kids from 6yrs to 15 yrs visiting us and participating in our activities. Children%u2019s who actively participated in our fun games where given some goodies. The motto behind the activity was to check the child eye-hand coordination, Retention and recall and written expression. We got a very nice response and all the children%u2019s and parents were very happy.