Observing and Understanding behaviour: An Insightful Guide for Teachers

On 4th December, 2021 RMCC had organised a workshop for teachers from Ramniwas Bajaj English High School. The workshop for the preprimary and primary section was conducted between 10:00am-11:00am and for the secondary section was conducted between 11:30am-12:30pm

The objective of the workshop was to enable teachers to observe and identify students with behavioural and academic concerns.

Teachers were trained in understanding what academic concerns do students with learning difficulty have and what are the signs and symptoms the teachers should observe and identify in students. Different learning difficulty signs and symptoms students face related to Reading, Writing and Math were discussed. 

RMCC professionals initiated the discussion about how to identify student’s behaviour. What are the various reasons for a student’s behaviour? Behavioural and emotional issues observed in the classroom were discussed and teachers also were sharing their classroom experiences that they have observed during online classroom.

The teachers were motivated to share their experiences and the difficulties they face with students. The process of how teachers can identify and refer the child once the initial identification is done and the process for the same were discussed. 

RMCC professionals also provided inputs on self-care for teachers. Teachers were provided few skills they can inculcate to take care of their mental health. Few strategies were shared with teachers so they can use it on an everyday basis for their self-care. The teachers mentioned that they would like more workshops on their self care and stress management techniques for themselves. 

The workshop concluded on a successful note. 

Serial no. Student Name Feedback
1. Jyotsna Sachdev The session was interactive and engaging. It was informative and guided well on how to identify the difficulties.
2. Nirali Shah It was very informative. Learnt alot about students, how to grab their attention
3. Nikita Mehta It was a good workshop which gave good understanding of behaviour of child.
4. Pooja Lakhani A refreshing session, learnt lots of tips and tricks on how to observe students better!