Parenting Session Primary & Secondary Std Parents

Ramdhar Maheshwari Counseling Centre (RMCC) organized session on “Effective Parenting ’’.Ms Salma Prabhu – Executive Director of ACE and a clinical psychologist of high repute was invited as a speaker to address the session for the primary and secondary students parents of Ramniwas Bajaj English High School, Malad on Saturday,29th November 2014.

A 3 hours intensive session was conducted for Parents on the following topics:-

    • Inculcating the value of responsibility.
    • Teaching children about the value for money.
    • How and when to be an assertive parent.
    • Coping with change.
    • Developing an optimistic attitude.

Mrs. Prabhu focused on realising basic practise in day to day life which included
Teaching Responsibility- how to teach child on decision making, choice and consequences

Assertive Parenting focused on using creative alternatives to say no positively

Value for Money focused on how to make child understand on savings goal

Coping with change was to educate how to make child handles all of life better with parental support

Inculcating positive attitudes gave insight on how to be a role model in your child’s life and practising regular happy events for a positive impact on child.