A workshop on ‘Peer pressure’ was conducted by RMCC for KGES School on 12th July 2019 at Nathmal Garodia Hall. It was conducted by our RMCC professional.

The workshop began with an introduction to peers and the influence that they can exert, which the students face in their daily lives on a daily basis which led to an interactive discussion on what are the reasons of peer pressure and how it affects us as individuals. Importance of dealing with peer pressure was also spoken about and students were made aware of how to handle peer pressure effectively. This was explained in detail with images and examples and putting across certain situations to the students where they were to identify the pressure as positive, negative or neutral.

An activity was conducted where students had to come up with situations of peer pressure and also innovative ways of handling the pressure.

It was an interactive workshop and ended on a successful note. The students were also enthusiastic about sharing their feed- backs.