Power of Positive Parenting Workshop

On 16th August 2019, RMCC conducted an Effective Parenting Skills Workshop for the parents of grade I and II of Kudilal Seksaria English High School. The purpose of the workshop was to address the various concerns faced by the parents in dealing with their children and provide strategies on parenting styles based on psychological research.

The workshop started by opening the floor to the parents to mention about the problems that they are facing. The facilitator at RMCC started the workshop with what parenting is and till when the parents have to parent a child. Various myths and fact of effective parenting were discussed. Parents came up with examples to support their parenting struggles.

Various parenting styles were discussed and how each parenting style will have subsequent effect on the child’s upbringing and how as an adult his/hers personality will get affected. Various parenting strategies and their pros and cons were also discussed.

Later as the session progressed, the parents were given insight on importance of emotional quotient over intelligent quotient and how emotional quotient of the child matters and how can it is developed.

Strategies of anger management were given to the parent – the power of Pause was shared with the parent. How in the moment of anger the POWER of PAUSE can be helpful. Very importantly, the parents were informed about the importance of remaining calm, patient and keeping realistic expectations from their child. The importance of spending quality time with the child was also discussed.

The workshop was very interactive; the parents got their queries answered and doubts cleared. RMCC received very good feedback from the parents.