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Have fun discovering the best version of yourself.

Growing up has its own challenges and adventures. At every stage, the curiosities and the discoveries raise a lot of questions in children. Finding the answers to these questions and learning to manage themselves better is vital for children to thrive happily and confidently.

RMCC presents a fun and creative summer camp with different programmes for different age groups. The preteens sessions are designed to teach them to explore their strengths and become confident and better versions of themselves.

The teenagers will have creative interactive sessions where they will understand their new found independence and learn to beresponsible for it.The role-play and case study sessions will further help them understand how to handle themselves calmly in various situations.

Session Highlights

1. Art therapy activities

2. Art of storytelling

3. Role play

4. Case studies

5. small size batches

6. Age-appropriate learning

Dates: 2nd – 6th May 2022

Time: 11 am – 12 noon (Grades 3 to 5)

2pm – 3 pm (Grades 6 to 9)

Venue:RMCC, RSET Campus

To Register Call on 9004444084/85

5 Day Summer Camp Programme:

Becoming a Superman/ SuperwomenManaging my Teen years
For 3rd – 5th grade studentsFor 6th – 9th grade students
Time – 11am-12 noonTime – 2pm-3pm
Day 1 – I am a Superman/ SuperwomenDay 1 – Finding my independence
Day 2 – What are my super strengths?Day 2 – Managing peer pressure and bullying
Day 3 – How can I be a better Superman/ Superwoman?Day 3 – Do I look good?
Day 4 – What rules should I follow?Day 4 – I am not a baby anymore!
Day 5 – How can I help others around me?Day 5 – Overcoming failures

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