Remediation Counseling Testimonials

Student NameDateFeedback
Student of grade 815-07-2022Thank you Ma’am
My child is doing well.
Student of Grade 709-07-2022The remedial sessions are working . It’s helping my child.
Thank you!
Student of Grade 208-07-2022There is good improvement in my child. Personal attention is given . Will definitely recommend others.
Student of Grade 612-05-2022Thank you for the help given by the center. My daughter was very happy with the staff and the teachers. Keep up the good work.. Thank you!!
30-04-2022It was a very satisfactory and well explained session.
19-04-2022It has been a great experience with RMCC & Team . Counselor has done a great job and as a parent we are very thankful to her.
16-4-2022Sessions were great , it helped my child in many ways , and I have seen much improvement in her . Happy with the outcome.
14-4-2022It helps to improve the career of my child.
11-2-2022We are very happy with the performance of our child. We really thank the Counselor for her efforts in making our child independent in terms of reading & writing.
18-12-2021We can see improvement in her and expecting more so that she can handle things by herself.
18-12-2021My child is doing well and he is enjoying being with a counselor . He is also trying to do vocabulary. Counselor is a very supportive teacher. He is very happy to be a counselor as a teacher.
27-11-2021The conversation with the counselor was very useful and very satisfactory. I can see improvement in my child too.
27-11-2021Counselor is a very good teacher. Excellent!!
31-5-2021Very happy to see the changes in my child.
Mahiman Vaishnav5-10-2019Counselor has taken great efforts to bring my child on track. The efforts have begun showing results. Long way to go but i have complete faith in her abilities. Excellent!
Mitansh Shriram19-09-2019We are so happy with the improvement that our child is doing. We are so thankful to counselor for making it happen.
Pritesh Kanchan20-07-2019I am really very grateful to the RMCC that they have supported so well Pritesh to come up at this level comparing the last year progress. Pritesh has developed confidence the communication been changed . Now he don’t get hesitate to participate in anything it at class or at home. I am thankful to the counselor who took lot of efforts to bring Pritesh at this stage with of hard work & patience.
Zia Khan25-06-2019Excellent Session, Great Feedback which helps to understand the kid better.
Rishon Yaragal17-06-2019Finding it very useful in his academic and overall development.
Kyrah Dewani25-05-2019Counselor is very understanding and goes very strategically for Kyrah, she understands her personal and emotional being as well.
Hiren Choudhary16-05-2019Thank You. Excellent Work!!
Alden Saldhana26-4-2019Extremely Satisfied with the feedback and suggestion given by Counselor about Alden and look forward to implement and apply the remedies provided. Thanks.
Mitansh Shriram16-03-2019The counselor is doing wonderfully in recognizing the problem & teaching the concept in an interesting & playful manner. Thank You so much for maintaining the spirit of my child in learning the things.
Vedant Joshi24-01-2019It is helpful for my son. It’s very important for the development of the child to connect with the society. Thanking you all for the sessions.
Mahiman Vaishnav22-12-2018Counselor took time out to understand Mahiman & his problems. She has been meticulous in underlying a plan for his RE and we have lots of hope in her to work wonders for Mahiman.
Atharva Sawant29-11-2018Sessions was very good & helpful for atharva’s improvement. Thanks to counselor.