Sanskar Classes Career Counseling Seminar

On 11th of November, 2018 RMCC conducted Career Counseling Seminar with the students of Sanskar Classes, Santacruz, grades 9th and 10th to provide career related counseling to them. The agenda of the seminar was to help students ace their examinations by learning exam preparation and exam writing strategies, along with Time Management and Stress Management and career counseling to inform them about various career options. The seminar addressed both parents and students in this journey through the board examinations. The counsellor first discussed what are the strategies and actions that are useful in the preparation phase for the board examination. Helpful advice was provided both to parent and students separately. After which the students were provided with useful guidance about what they can do during and just before the starting of an examination to maximise their exam performance. Examinations are a period of great stress and anxiety for both parents and students. How to reduce the pressure so that performance in the exam can be optimised was discussed with the audience. Since the students often complain that they do not get enough time to study and write in the examination. Effective Time management tips were also delivered. After this the career counseling module was presented. The audience was informed about the various stages of career planning, and informed how every step plays a crucial role in a students’ career success, along with the role of career counseling in each step. The various streams and the corresponding career options available after pursuing each stream ware also discussed. For personalised information the students were encouraged to seek career counseling It was a very enlightening experience for the students as well as their parents, as one student mentioned “The workshop was really motivating and we got much more knowledge about career guidance. RMCC explained much about career and studies, it was very helpful to me. Thank you”