Social Emotional Learning: Back to School

A workshop on ‘Social Emotional Learning: Back to School’ for students from 8th grade was conducted by RMCC on 23rd November, 2021 at Nathmal Garodia Hall (hybrid model). 

The workshop began with discussing the challenges students facing after coming back to school after a long break and having a transition from online school to offline School. Students discussed their challenges and shared their inputs on the same. The students discussed challenges like finding it difficult to adapt to the new routine, managing sleep hygiene, difficulty in managing their emotions, etc. 

Post discussion, the facilitator then discussed specific challenges and possible strategies that could be helpful for them to work through the emotional concerns they are facing. This led to an interactive discussion with students on strategies where they could practise a few strategies personally and how adhering to them can have a positive impact on their lives. 

Various strategies related to anxiety and how they can effectively manage their emotions effectively were  also discussed. Different self-discipline habits for students after having lack of routine due to online schooling was also discussed. Importance of healthy physical habits, concerns due to excessive screen time, changes in sleep patterns and food habits were also discussed with students and they were provided with strategies to work through the same. This was explained in detail with multiple examples and the students were constantly encouraged to participate. 

It was an interactive workshop and ended on a successful note. The class students shared their valuable feedback. 

Serial no. Student Name Feedback
1. Ameya s. Akut This session is very nice and informative
2. Affan Sheikh Its great session and learnt many new things
3. Meha Jain This is great session and I got to know a lot of new things
4. Avni Kyal Informative session. Loved the way the teachers teach
5. Siddhi Panchal Interesting, learning new things
6. Revaa Asawa I had lot of fun. I also understood new ways to make my physical well-being better.
7. Hiya Shah It is very informative and is fun. The teacher are very good
8. Khushi Mehta It is very good session and I understood what miss explained
9. Priyal Soni This session was very impressive and informative - We got to know our inner-self and talk to someone who understands us more than our parents or friends
10. Kriti Jain This session was very interesting and helpful for life
11. Tia Chettiar This session was great as it helped us to get to know ourselves better and self-reflect a little. It helped me to plan stuff out and gave me the motivation