The Importance of Balancing Self & Parenting

On account of World Mental Health Awareness Day which is celebrated on 10th of October 2019 . To commemorate this day RMCC organised a session on “Importance of Balancing Self and Parenting” which was conducted on 14th October, 2019. The session focussed on striking a balance between Self-care and Parenting and developing parent’s communication with their wards as they grow from a Toddler to a Young adult.

The session was facilitated by renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Avinash Desousa. He began the session with highlighting the fact that there is a vast difference in today’s generation and that of the parents. With the exponential use of technology and availability of resources today’s children are exposed to information at early age. He focussed on the need of parents’ acceptance of children’s advance knowledge and inquisitiveness and assisting them to drive it in the right direction.

Various parenting styles were discussed and how each parenting style will have subsequent effect on the child’s upbringing which in turn impacts the personality in future. He shared the disadvantage of authoritative and helicopter parenting and merits of democratic parenting.

Later as the session progressed, the parents were given insight on importance of emotional quotient over intelligent quotient and how emotional quotient of self is equally important as that of the child. Dr. Desousa explained prioritising Self care is not a guilt act and helps in developing self and child.

Parents were given insight into their concerns they are facing with pre teens and teenagers. The forum was then opened for question and answer, where the parents got their individual queries answered.

RMCC received very good feedback from the parents.

The seminar ended on a successful note.