Unveiling the Unseen Hidden Opponents in Sports Performance

RMCC had organized a webinar on Sports Psychology on 26 th September, 2020. A one of its kind
webinar which was focused on “Unveiling the Unseen Hidden Opponents in Sports Performance”
The webinar was facilitated by none other than Mrs. Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh , a National level
sports person who has bagged more than 13 medals in various sports events like cycling, swimming
and track racing and is a record holder sea swimmer.
The webinar was initiated by introducing her achievement and how her journey has been from
participating in sports event as student and her journey of becoming a sports Psychologist and training
sports persons from state level, national and international level.
Ms. Amruta explained the participants of FOUR main Hidden Opponents that are left unseen and
unattended while the participants largely focus on their physical fitness. Participants were explained
how these opponents reflect in their performances and managing them well could enhance the
performance considerably. The challenges faced by sports persons during the key tournaments were
explained and how an understanding and working upon them is essential for success in any sports.
The session was also focused on sharing insight into what is mental health and why taking care of
mental health is more important for a sports person. How mental health can be detrimental if not taken
care of and affects performance at large.
The difference between a psychologist and a sports psychologist and how a sports psychologist assists
sports persons to perform their best by training in emotional and mental resilience was explained.
The participants were very interactive and asked their queries to better themselves in their
The webinar ended on a successful note.