Workshop on Effective Time Management

On 4th December, 2017 RMCC counsellor conducted a Workshop on Time Management with the students of grade X. The objective of this workshop was to help regain students sense of control from assessing their overall goals and priorities to minimising their time wasters and using their energy in a sustainable and effective way. The students were very receptive and interactive during the workshop. This workshop helped them gain insight into how unconsciously they end up spending time on unimportant task/things and how delegating conscious quality time to important task is important. Since, the students are appearing for their board exam, it is crucial for them to realise how to manage time effectively efficiently and hence the students were taught strategies like scheduling, how to understand the pattern of study and use for their benefit. How important is to review their daily process and how to manage time while attempting their board papers, so they are able to put in smart work and be able to score good marks and pass with flying colours.

Ramdhar Maheshwari Counseling Centre (RMCC) offers Personalised skill building sessions, a powerful student and family empowerment program to build confidence, inculcate self discipline, Concentration and enhance performance.

These work on specific area enhancement such as

– Goal Setting

– Effective study Skills

– Time Management

– Social Interaction

– Building Confidence

– Decision Making

– Stress & Anxiety Management and many more

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