Workshop on Identifying Red Flags for Academic Concerns.

On 03rd July 2019 RMCC had organised a workshop for teachers for MBIS School for the primary and secondary section. The objective of the workshop was to enable teachers with signs and symptoms and red flags of various academic concerns. How they can identify and refer the identified students for necessary interventions.

RMCC professionals facilitated the discussion amongst teachers. A detailed understanding about various aspects of difficulties faced by the students were discussed which included areas of reading, math, spellings, and phoneme awareness and written expression.

The teachers were trained in identifying various challenges the student might go through as trivial as copying content from board and how development of fine motors skills is equally important.

It was an informative yet interactive workshop where the teachers also got insight into how academic challenges or difficulties can lead a child to have emotional or behavioural concerns and how they can be identified.

RMCC professionals also gave inputs in class room strategies including modification and provision given in a classroom setting can help and boost a child’s academic motivation as well as confidence. The workshop was concluded on a successful note.