Workshop on ‘Moral Values’ for students

A workshop on ‘Moral values’ for students was conducted by RMCC for Grade III and Grade IV of KGES School on 7th August 2019 at Nathmal Garodia Hall. The workshop began with an introduction to moral values and the golden words which the students should adhere to and use in their daily lives. This led to an interactive discussion on what are the moral values and how adhering to them can make them better as human beings and have a positive impact on their lives.

Importance of moral values like being respectful, being responsible, being honest and truthful, being kind and caring was discussed. Healthy habits like saving water and electricity, being clean were also discussed. This was explained in detail with images and examples and putting across certain questions to the students which the students were enthusiastic to answer.

Short stories on Importance of moral values helped reinforce the concept of moral values to the students It was an interactive workshop and ended on a successful note. The teachers shared their valuable feed backs.