Workshop on ‘Time Management’

A workshop on ‘Time Management’ was conducted by RMCC for KGES School on 18th July 2019 at Nathmal Garodia Hall. It was conducted by our RMCC professional for class IX.

The workshop began with an introduction to time and managing time effectively. The students’ face a lot of problems dedicating more number of hours for their studies on a daily basis which led to an interactive discussion on what are the reasons they are not able to do so, and how it affects them as individuals. Importance of managing time was also spoken about and students were made aware of how to manage time effectively. This was explained in detail with images and examples and putting across ways of managing time using time tables, minimizing distractions, etc. Some study and exam tips were also shared.

Students were also told the importance of prioritizing important things in life. It was reinforced with the help of a video ‘The Jar of Life.’

An activity was conducted where students had to make their own timetable and write distractions on a paper calling it a distraction sheet. It was an interactive workshop and ended on a successful note. The students were also enthusiastic about sharing their feed- backs.