Workshop with students of DGMC

DGMC college of RSET has invited RMCC to shed some light on the challenges faced by the 1styear students who are pursuing masters in Mass Media and to give them some insight into different areas where they are facing challenges like their academic, professional and emotion level. What will be the consequences if they fail to take charge of the situation they are in?
The students of the Media College were very interactive, where they also recognized their challenges and even showed interest of what and how strategies can help them to overcome their limitations. The counsellor was instrumental in giving them brief strategies which can help them in thriving through this multifarious course.

The strategies shared were on how they can manage deadlines through effectively prioritizing their work, how they can schedule and manage their personal and professional life by keeping their physical and emotional health in check.

The students were also oriented towards how the gamut of services offered at RMCC can prove beneficial for their holistic wellbeing.The workshop ended with multiple queries and inquisitiveness displayed by students on how the services will benefit them. The workshop ended on a successful note.