Workshop with Students Pursuing Self-Finance Courses

As a part of the Career Development Program, the workshop on Peer pressure was conducted on 20.02.2018 for the first year students pursuing self-finance courses by RMCC counselor.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are!! Hence, the objective of the workshop was to help them gain insight into how the influence of their peers has an impact on their life. The workshop started with an icebreaker activity which was conducted with an aim of how even a body language of or an action affects one another.

The workshop progressed with giving the students insight into the different kinds of pressure they go through from positive peer pressure which leads them towards their goal to negative peer pressure which is unhealthy and leads them away from their goal.

Students were interactive and shared their experiences which helped others too in gaining insight into that they are not alone who are facing peer pressure.

The workshop was further facilitated by the counsellor with more examples of peer pressure that they keep facing which can have an ill effect on them. The causes of giving in the peer pressure was discussed and also strategies like requesting time before impulsively giving in the pressure, making list of thing that might go wrong if you take a certain action, weighing pros and cons ahead of a scheduled party to be attended were discussed to help them effectively stay away from the peer pressure.

The workshop ended on an insightful note.