Workshops Testimonials

Finding Peace through Mandala – 15th December, 2022

1. Very Very Awesome, loved it, would like to thank her for being so patient and loved the experience.
2. Really amazing therapy for Stress relief, Calmness,Stability and much more through Mandala Art form,Thank you RMCC for providing us such a beautiful thing.
3. Session was amazing, I have done mandala before but got more information about therapy focus, improvement on concentration levels, Just loved it.
4. Very interesting session. Teaching technique is really very nice and it’s very helpful for healing.
5. The workshop related to Mandala art was amazing. It really helped me concentrate on the thing and be focused.
6. The session was really very helpful and taught us about the key to focus, longer sessions would be better.

World Mental Health Day – Nurturing your Child to be Happy Individual:- 10th October, 2022,

1. Thank you RMCC Team for arranging such a beautiful seminar, it was very educational and helped me a lot relating to my queries and created awareness and got good easy examples.
2. Very Good seminar, Excellent Speakers, Glad to attend it.
3. Amazing sessions, takeaways as humans are so precious and priceless. Appreciate RMCC for such a great time for every individual to nurture with nature and the time we are living and spending.
4. It was definitely worth it, we are very happy. It was knowledgeable, educating and filled with wisdom.Helped us to reach a new level of Parenting which we were unaware of. Thank you for organising such an amazing seminar.
5. Thank you for the valuable knowledge provided to us, we will apply in life and behave with kids, It was really helpful, we learned so many new things today.