Personal Counseling Testimonials

Student Name Date Feedback
Manya Jain 19/01/2024 Nice session. Thanks a lot to the counselor for your valuable time and best advice.
Kashish Gupta 04/11/2023 It was very nice coming here . I am grateful that I took these 5
sessions . All the solutions to my problem are solved and my life
has become much easier.
Khushi Deora 23/08/2023 The last few sessions have helped me overcome my social anxiety and
fear as well as helped me with my panic attacks. The counselor gave
me strategies that would help me when I feel anxious, they have been
helpful and my anxiousness decreased in the first session only.
Vidya Menon 10/08/2023 Feedback from mother : Had a very insightful and useful session with
the counselor. She was very patient and empathetic with our issues.
My child is already showing improvement in his behaviour.
Arya Temkar 08/04/2023 The Counseling sessions conducted were very helpful to understand
what we need to do exactly. I understand the difference between the
argument and discussion.Counselor has done a great job to understand
us what on parents we need to reach to the situations when we deal
with our kids.
Jia Barot 20/03/2023 I had 7 sessions with the counselor and they were all so comfortable
and friendly. It was so easy and simple to interact with her. She
made things better for me by making me realise about situations that
I could have never been able to handle. She also helped me to break
these situations into simpler pieces and helped me to get out of
them with one of the best solutions. I really notice a huge
difference in a few things after these sessions.
Arihant Gupta 24/02/2023 She is the best life coach I could ever get. She was very polite
professional and a really good person who indeed helped me in
getting over my problems. She is the best and I just can’t thank her
enough for what she didnt the way she helped me. Thank you so much
ma’am. Student from Roorkee Haridwar
Pralesh Hate 18/02/2023 When I started this session, with low confidence, lack of
motivation, so much fear, now I am today ended with full of
confidence, full of motivation, and sorted with all my fears, The
counselor helped me with every aspect of my life fears. Whether it
is an emotional problem or mindset issues, She helped me a lot. Now
I am very much confident in my life, Now I know how to deal with
incidents, emotional issues, my mindset and the perception of people
and the main thing , the way of thinking about my life. Now I know
who I am and what is the purpose of my life, Thankyou team for
helping me.
08-02-23 Ma’am is an excellent counselor. So meant to meet and learn from on
this journey of life. Has a lot of knowledge and perspective on
various viewpoints . Lucky to have counsel from her .
12-09-22 Hello, as I mentioned . Initially when I joined RMCC for personal
counseling. I was all doomed and couldn’t understand what was going
on in my life, I was blaming my life, parents, everyone for my bad.
Basically I wasn’t good with controlling my emotions and was a
passive/aggressive person and I couldn’t make my own self happy
& prioritize. But after and during my PC , I grew within one
month, I started prioritizing my own self, I started falling in love
with myself and I ‘m now confident and I’m still trying my best to
be an assertive person and I’m still growing. I’m grateful to RMCC,
especially the counselor. She’s so kind, patient and a good
listener, definitely even the staff in the receptions and everyone
were good and gentle. Thank You!!.
21-04-21 Counselor has helped me in various fields , I could easily manage
time and my studies with her guidance. She is the perfect counselor
you can ask for who has the best ideas, advices for you. I myself
have observed my progress and have also suggested my other friends
to seek help from her.
20-04-21 Excellent team n very cooperative .Counselor patiently took the
sessions n always gave me valuable feedbacks.Her sessions have
helped in overall development of my child.My daughter seems to be
more confident and independent. (Student from Dubai)
24-04-21 Counselor was very supportive; she understood my problem and showed
me the relevant solution.
06-04-21 It was a great experience. Overtime i was able to understand things
much better because as a counselor she was calm and patient with me
and listened to me. Having physical sessions during the pandemic
situation, an option I really liked. The place was always
comfortable and privacy was respected. I loved my sessions and
always look forward to them. This gave me a sense of direction that
I was lacking and overall work upon myself. She is a great
30-03-21 The session was highly fruitful; the counselor cleared all my
doubts. She explained it to me and showed me the correct path. Thank
you Ma’am.
14-1-2021 The Counselor was Excellent. Initial sessions she heard me out then
the session took a really great move which helped me to think on the
flaws i did in my life. In 4 week I was able to tackle 3 major
challenges which I grumbled on. This helped me relieve a bit and
continue to live with a positive hope which I had lost. Her insights
& questions really helped me to think about myself and my
ambitions. The areas which i missed in life were building,
boundaries around me, being assertive, speaking about myself or my
emotions. Now I plan to exercise those. Thank you for this valuable
and kind service.
Divya Bhosale 17-12-2020 The sessions made me so confident and also had a lot of potential.
Now I can make my own decision in my life. Before I didn’t have any
trust with anyone and also with communicating with others and after
these sessions I had a lot of confidence. Happy to see my new
extrovert life. Thank You RMCC for your counseling. It changed my
life a lot.
Vidushi Jhawar 14-12-2020 I am grateful to be working with a counselor, who has helped me a
lot to realize myself and my feelings, and help me work with them
better. Informative and helpful throughout all the sessions, and has
helped me be a better version of myself. Thank you so much!
Kshitij Pandit 04-12-2020 Very decent and positive approach, I am sure all the advice will
help me in future too. Thanks for all the help.
Vidushi Jhawar 07-11-2020 It was a delight to take the
Personal Counseling</a ></strong > session with the
counselor.  She made me feel completely comfortable to talk to
her and open up about my problems. She helped me realise and
validate my feelings. I feel better after these sessions, and
look forward to continuing watching my mental well being.
</strong >
Aparna Narendra Dugal 29-10-2020 I felt comfortable with the counselor throughout my sessions because
there was a connection since the start! We touched upon my concern
areas & shall use them to move forward.
Vidushi Jhawar 23-09-2020 A really helpful session, which helped me understand my own emotions
and gave me ways to help myself and my emotions. Definitely
recommended if you want to help yourself!
Asmita Malshe 20-07-2019 Initially, When I had come for
Personal Counseling</a ></strong > for my daughter
specifically & myself, I was sceptical as to whether it will
really benefit us both, physically & psychologically , I
proved myself wrong , as in the 5 sessions that we had, I saw a
very good amount of improvement in my child, so then I too
started thinking in a positive way, the behaviour towards my
daughter also started improving, I also started taking medical
help to reduce my anger, now I have realised that changing ‘ME’
, will also help change “ MY DAUGHTER” I feel that you continue
to help people & make the society more better. My best
wishes for your future endeavour.
</strong >
Abigail Thomas 29-01-2019 The session really helped me to get a correct diagnosis of all my
problems. I really like the method of communication and I felt nice.
It layered a huge weight of my shoulders. It was amazing. Thank You
Sujesh Pulikhal 18-01-2019 Counselor has been instrumental to bring the calmness in my thoughts
and help rediscover myself. It’s been great sessions and feel open
enough to have trusted friend & start thing myself.
Kaavya Maurya 04-1-2019 Feedback by parent on
Personal Counseling</a > for Kaavya Maurya
Counseling is a per expectation. Counselor is very helpful &
Co-operative. My child enjoy this session.
Anirudh Kadam 19-12-2018 Feedback by parent on
Personal Counseling</a > for Anirudh
Kadam. We have completed 5 sessions here at your centre and have
found a considerable improvement in my child. We are now enrolling
him for further sessions & Hopefully you will get my child out
of issues.
Gaurav Warke 22-12-2018 It was valuable experience and helped me boost my confidence like
never before , also i have been helped a lot by my counselor to
overcome my nervousness and fear of failure.
Tridisha Goswami 06-12-2018 My experience was quite good. After going through this therapy, I
felt much better & it helped me to look at things in a better
perspective. My coping capabilities with my problem has become
better. My therapist is the best. I hope everyone having
Psychological issues come here and get over it.
Vaibhav Vora 28/08/2018 She did a very good walk with me. Making me realise what really
matters. Excellent Walk.
Ramay Jayan 17/08/2018 She is able to give a presentation in the class with confidence. She
is able to make new friends. Thus there is progress in her.
Student of Law 21/09/2017 I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and whatever I have been
taught. It improved me and I expect me to improve more in future
that’s sure I will. Ma’am is very supportive. Couldn’t ask for a
better counsellor. The sessions were helpful as they are improving
you daily. I see myself getting stronger and better. The best part
is you can talk openly about anything to the counselor so that you
don’t go home doubtful of anything. Would definately recommend any
person for this.
Student of class 11th 12/8/2017 These past 5 sessions with Ms. Anugrh were so good. I have seen a
lot of change in me. I used to be a very negative person but as I
started taking the sessions I started thinking more positively and
also started feeling more positively. If I ever need any help, I
will definitely come back to Ms. Anugrah. Thank you so much for
bringing this change in me.
Shilp Ashar 13/7/2017 I just wanted to Thank You, My life is quite happy, calm and
fulfilling now. I really do nothing. I couldn’t have achieved this
without your help. My self esteem and confidence have boosted up.
Yashraj Nalekar 13/7/2017 It was a great time with the counselor. Before the session, I was
not a social person. I was confused. I was not knowing that what
should I do in life? Now I have a goal and I am working on it.
Anugrah is a ‘GREAT COUNSELOR’. Will surely come back if any
difficulty is there. I will forever be thankful to her.
Aditi Shanbaug Feedback by parents on
Personal Counseling</a ></strong > for Adity
Shanbaug 1) Overcoming her initial resistance & inertia,
Aditi looked forward to coming for sessions. 2) She was happy
doing the assignments and implementing them in her daily life.
3) Being vacation time resulted in a relaxed life no school
& classes. Hence there was no stress and no causes for
anger. Hence we could not see the actual implementation of the
“things told to her” But “better awareness and the felt need for
change within her is a major positive.
</strong >
Saurabh Ashtamkar I came here for stress management therapy, but when I met Rutika
& explained to her about me & my situation. She suggested me
for a more tailored counseling sessions than the stress management
done. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I never thought
about myself from this perspective. With every session I was
uncovering layers about myself with finally realizing truly my
potential & who as I. I am really happy & thankful to Rutika
and RMCC for guiding me, helping me become more self aware & be
more equipped to face the challenges on te journey of my life. I
really thank Rutika for being a wonderful guide & I can whole
heartedly recommend RMCC to anyone who is in need of
Personal Counseling</a ></strong >
</strong >
Aradhna Sharma Feedback by parents on
Personal Counseling</a > for Aradhna
Sharma Aradhna has hugely benefited from work S.M.A.R.T sessions
conducted by Ms. Rutika Thakurdesai. Ms. Rutika customised the
counseling based on Aradhna’s test scores & also her
personality & background. She gave her alot of personal
attention & quickliy built a strong bond/rapport of
confidencewith Aradhna. As a result Aradhna lerat how to plan
ahead, give priorities to her preferences, explore opportunities
& has started becoming assertive. We also appreciated the
periodic feedback which we received from Ms. Rutika. We wish to
convey our sincerest thanks & appreciation to Ms. Rutika for
having influenced & motivated Aradhna to bring about so many
positive changes in her outlook & personality.
Alok Pandit Feedback by parents on
Personal Counseling</a ></strong > for Alok Pandit
1) He has developed his confidence 2) He has greatly improved
his presentation and interaction skills. 3) He has developed
clarity of course due to the course. 4) He has become more
focused. 5) He has identified his areas of improvement and has a
desire to work on them. 6) Overall, he has benefited a lot from
this course because it was tailored to his personality. 7) The
counselor took a lot of ineterest in understanding Alok &
worked with him. Fantastic experience overall, and we greatly
appreciate the efforts taken Ms. Rutika.
</strong >
Aditi Shanbaug Before coming here, I was a very emotional person. I could not
handle my thoughts in a positive way. I would end up in situation
where people would misunderstand me. But after a few
Personal Counseling</a > sessions here, I
feel as if I am a different person now. Now, I feel positive and
confident. I can handle situation pretty well. I feel I am ready
to face the world and shine brightly through darkness. I have
acheived a lot more than I thought would be possible before I came
here. At first, when my parents told me to join,I was hesitant and
i fell that it was not of much use. But as the first session
ended, I felt a desire to know more. I kept looking forward to the
next session. In just 5 sessions, I have learnt a lot about myself
than I did in 15 years. It has been a really wonderful experience.