An Emotional Wellbeing Weekend Seminar

With the aim of increasing mental health awareness, RMCC conducted an Emotional Wellbeing Weekend Seminar “Healthy Mind Healthy Family” On Saturday on 13th October 2018, at Nathmal Garodia Seminar Hall. It was an open seminar in which all were welcome. We had a variety of people in the audience including students, parents, counsellors and teachers of various schools etc. The purpose of the seminar was to create awareness as to how an individual%u2019s emotional well being is influenced by their family, and in return how their emotional health can benefit the family as a whole.

We had invited renowned speakers who are experts in their field to talk on 4 topics related to Emotional Wellbeing of family.

“Happy Children Happy Parents” session was conducted by Dr Tanuja Prem. She enlightened us about the relationship between parents and children from toddlerhood to 12 years of age, different ways of parenting and how each of the ways can enhance or damage the emotional health of a child and parents.

“Managing Teen” session was conducted by Dr Avinash De Sousa. He discussed about how to understand the teenagers of today and the strategies to strengthen the communication between parents and children. The focus was on making the parents the strongest support system in the child%u2019s life, to which the child can come and share his/he concerns and feel confident to confide in.

We had panel discussion on the role of Schools in today%u2019s day for emotional wellbeing of student where we had an educationalist, Principal & a parent talking about same.

“Dealing & Healing Depression” session was conducted by Ms Aditi Nadkarni. She made us understand the importance of mental health, and how these mental health conditions have an impact not only on the individual but also on their families. She showed us how to identify and deal with depression in self and family members.

“Digital Detox” session was conducted by Dr Wilona Braganza. She spoke on cyber addiction and the impact it has on one%u2019s family. She provided us with strategies to deal with cyber addiction and also emphasized on the importance of cyber safety.

It was a seminar focusing on collaborative approach of a family towards emotional well-being. The seminar was very informative and interactive. It was well appreciated by parents & professionals.