Health is Wellness – not the absence of illness

And Wellness cannot be achieved by focussing on curing illness or working on not being ill.


Wellness is a state of wellbeing in all aspects of a person’s life. It is multi dimensional, i.e. it focuses not only the physical well being of a person but also mental, emotional, spiritual, social etc. It is how well adjusted you are personally, professionally and socially.

Wellness is not a static state but an active pursuit made of one’s intentions, choices and actions. It is a process of being aware and taking responsibility to live life in sync with his goals of  wellness. It is an individual concept varying across people, though it can be influenced by the physical, social and cultural environment of a person.

Wellness is a state of continuum where one makes the effort to maintain the sense of wellbeing continuously. Unlike getting over a disease or problem, it is living in a way designed to avoid them or deal with them as the case might be and come back to Wellness.

Can this state be achieved? 

Absolutely. With conviction, commitment and the right tools. If this appeals to you, reach out to us at RMCC to help you flourish.


RMCC’s  latest initiative works on the principle of Wellness through many long and short duration group programs. If you feel things are good with you then why not aim for better. In these programs you understand how to live life mindfully and proactively instead of letting life just happen to you. Each program gives you the space to figure out core areas of your life that you would like to develop through different perspectives and skills. Connect with like minded people to see different perspectives and form support groups that you can stay connected to and who can make you accountable for continued learning. Explore our programs to know which one is best in alignment with your goals or lets together create a tailor made program for you.

Just for a Day

Just for a day are short programs of a few hours that introduce you to new skills that promote a sense of joy and well being like –

  1. Finding Peace through Mandala

    Objective:  In this session explore Mandala Making as a therapeutic art that leads to healing, relaxation and calmness.It improves focus, memory, concentration, creativity and lateral thinking, sleep and physical health and aids with decision making, problem solving and a sense of well being.

    Approach: Understand Mandalas not just as a work of art but a therapeutic tool, experience the benefits first hand and see how they help. Explore Mandalas the Buddhist way. Build a Mandala layer by layer, from its very concept to the finished and coloured piece.

    Duration: 3 hours


  2. Breath

    Objective: Breathe your way to health, happiness, peace and calm. Experience the power of your breath and the power you have over it.

    Approach: Explore the eastern & western concepts of breathwork and learn 4 different   breathwork techniques. Understand you have an option to choose how you think or feel in a situation and how to change your breath to change your mental and emotional states and stay on top of any situation.

    Duration: 2 hours


  3. Empowering Energy

    Objective: Experience and work with Energy to deal with stress, pain, overwhelm, anxiety etc. and lead a healthy, joyful & abundant life.

    Approach: Explore the realm of Energy within and around you. Understand the Indian and the Chinese concept of flow of Energy in the body. Understand the connection between the mind & the body. Learn various healing techniques to perk up or calm yourself down, find peace, connect with people or protect yourself as the need might be

    Duration: 2 hours

Power Up

Power up Programs are longer duration programs spread over a few days for a more intense experience and learning. In these programs you explore life and learn powerful techniques drawn from NLP, TA, Energy Healing, EFT and Mindfulness.

  1. Self Mastery

    Objective:Working with thoughts, feelings, behaviour and energy to master situations
    instead of managing them.
    Approach: Explore the four dimensions which are impacted by Life situations – thoughts,
    emotions, behavior and something that is even more fundamental, Energy. Understand why controlling thoughts and emotions is not healthy. Learn how to deal  with them effectively instead of controlling or suppressing them. Experience the freedom of not having to push down what you are feeling or thinking, the joy of being in a state of congruence where what you think, feel and do are all in alignment. Learn how you can respond instead of react by using practical techniques to work  with every dimension.
    Duration: 7 hrs over 2 days / 1 day


  2. Happy Parent-Teen

    Objective: Navigate the teen years in partnership with your Teen or Parent, in an empathetic, loving, peaceful and supportive atmosphere. Learn the techniques to communicate, understand each other’s view, navigate difficult issues and set healthy boundaries.
    Approach: A Parenting program especially tailored for teens and their parents, it gives you the space to explore this relationship during this turbulent and often traumatic phase. While all other Parenting programs focus on just the parents and teenage programs on teenagers, we bring both of you on the same platform so you are working with the same script. With loads of fun activities, role plays and practical techniques, this one  of a kind program builds the foundation of a strong and healthy bond for life with your child.
    Duration: 7 hrs over 2 days/ 1 day

Mindful Mentoring

Mindful Mentoring are programs set over 3 months for deep and immersive learning. These are programs structured to help you explore and learn lessons that will stay with you for life.

  • Life-Sutra

    Objective: Design the life that you want and develop the strategies to make it happen.
    Approach: Want a great life? Yes. What is a great life? Have you planned it? Are you working on it? And if your answer is no or “ummmmm” then how are you going to achieve it? If you live mindlessly and things happen to you accidentally, you will have a good  enough life but never a great one. In this program you will explore what a great life means to you – YOU personally not  family, friends or society. See what that translates to across 10 dimensions of your life, figure out where the gaps are, what obstacles you might face and how to deal with them. Spread over 12 weekends over 3 months, Life Sutra is a blueprint of your life that you design to achieve the life that you deserve. After all, we only live once in this life.
    Duration: 15 hrs over 15 days

Staying Connected

Once you learn any wellness skill with us we refuse to let you use any excuse to discontinue with them. Staying Connected are fortnightly or monthly sessions that we provide to you after you do any of the above programs to stay in touch and use the skills that you have learnt. In these programs you get everything you need – the material, ambience, space  and support to help you continue using the wellness tools you have learnt.

Mandala Mania

Objective: Make new Mandalas or complete the Mandala you haven’t gotten round to finishing in an invigorating atmosphere with all required material and guidance
Duration: 1.5 Hours