Professional Consultancy

professional consultancy

A lot of us have embarked on a career path and have worked for several years along the same but are, however, not satisfied in our career and are looking for a career transformation.

One of such clients came to us, in his 30s. He had established himself well in the field of financial investment and was doing pretty well in the same. But somehow he was not finding the satisfaction and fulfillment in his profession as he expected. He came to us asking for help. For such individuals, we have a service called Professional Consultancy. After we conducted the career assessment with him, it was found that he had a very strong social inclination, and he would draw maximum satisfaction by influencing people’s lives. The RMCC career counsellor recommended ‘coaching and mentorship’ as a career option to him. He was very happy with the recommendation as the career option struck the cord with him. After a discussion with the counsellor he also felt motivated and found the courage to take the big step.

What is Professional Consultancy?

Professional Consultancy is career counseling or you may say career reconsideration for working professionals.

What does Professional Consultancy include?

Professional Consultancy includes the administration of a career assessment specifically designed for working professionals to identify which career field, along with which job profile will be the most suitable for them. It helps to understand their current personality and interest patterns, along with their aptitude.

After the assessment, our counsellors conduct a session with them in which the individual’s current professional status is considered and the client is helped in the decision making process as to what is the best step to take next.

When to seek Professional consultancy?

  • You have worked for a certain number of years
  • You are unsatisfied in your current line of career
  • You want to progress in your career but are unable to
  • You want to enhance your skills further etc.

It is often considered unwise to think about changing your career after establishing yourself in it. But it is much better to start afresh rather than to stay stuck in a place where you feel miserable. For a lot of people it has been noticed the financial wellbeing eventually takes a back seat and personal satisfaction from career becomes more important. When stuck in such a dilemma, there is nothing wrong to reconsider. If you are finding yourself in the middle of such confusion our trained counsellors and standardised assessments are available for your assistance. Please come and approach us.