Main Donor’s Message

Greetings to all visiting the website of Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre of Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust!

A country always needs skilled professionals in every field. With the objective of guiding the students properly to choose a branch of study that is in tune with their skills and their expectations, Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre is continuously supporting the students with best guidance and assistance. Career guidance programme at RMCC includes Psychometric test to asses Aptitude, Interest, Intelligence and Personality, three recommendations for career based on the tests and one to one individual counseling sessions followed by performance enhancement programme if required.

I am very happy to know that Counselors are continuously giving support to the students of Ramniwas Bajaj English High School, Kudilal Govindram Seksaria English School and Mainadevi Bajaj International School run by RSET. They are also conducting individual sessions for students experiencing specific difficulties. Speech Therapy Counseling is also provided to those students who need it. It is a matter of great pride that students who had registered for Study Abroad Counseling and Coaching and appeared for SAT, GRE and IELTS have received offers from various top ranking universities of U.S.A., Canada and New Zealand.

RMCC has also invited some of the top foreign universities to help and guide the students interested in overseas education through the Study Abroad Edu Fair for the undergraduate level. The centre has also conducted workshops on self-development and life management for the students of Junior and Degree colleges run by the Trust as part of the career development programme. Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre is also providing counseling facilities to the students coming from other institutions.

I compliment Shri Ashok M. Saraf, President, Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust and his team of Trustees, Managing Committee members and all associated with the Trust for empowering the new generation by providing various facilities of career counseling as well as other facilities needed by students through Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre.