Life Coaching

Life coaching is a collaborative method of exploring and strategising, that is geared toward developing an action plan to reach your goals. A life coach is solution oriented, and treats you as a partner instead of a patient. People work with life coaches to help them attain success, deal with blocks and/or identify new goals and how to achieve them.

What does a Coach do?

A Coach aids you

  • Identify targets & goals
  • Understand blocks internal & external
  • Explore resources available or achievable
  • Strategise actions & time frames
  • Cope with pressure and stress
  • Be flexible to find a solution
  • Develop and maintain vision
  • Deal with negative beliefs
  • Maintain motivation
  • Analyze results or lack of
  • Stay focused
  • Model and reinforce successful behavior

Why should I meet a Coach?

  • A coach can be your best support, helping you to move towards your goals, without any agenda of her own
  • With her you explore disempowering ideas and thoughts that you weren’t aware of before
  • A coach can help you see different perspectives to situation and also to your understanding of them
  • Developing new strategies and changing behaviour becomes more doable
  • Setting time frames, being accountable, staying motivated, dealing with failures are all things that your coach will help you with

What happens in a session?

In a typical coaching session the client and the coach review the objectives formulated in the last session. The success or lack of them are discussed to gain a deeper insight. Based on what has helped and not, strategies are tweaked and improved. The priorities for the present session and strategies are discussed and goals and are set for the next period. A structure for tracking actions and results is discussed and set in the form of homework, maintaining a chart or a journal.

Immediately after the session you are encouraged to record your discussion with the coach, your commitments, actions and strategies to work towards your goals. You can also jot down any queries, ideas or issues that were not discussed and you’d like to bring up in the next session.

You can also jot down things that your coach did that were helpful or that you’d like her to do differently.

If you are looking for a good life and want to know how to get it, fill in a form to book an introductory session with our Life Coach.


How long do I work with my Coach?

The goals that you set for yourself and your consistency decide the duration of your Coaching journey. While the sessions might be closer together in the beginning, they might be set further apart as you progress. The total duration might be as little as 1 month

Who uses Life Coaching?

If you are wondering if there is something that a Life Coach can help you with, this list might be of help to you.  Though these are not the only things that life coaching helps with, it is something to get you going.

  • Ending Procrastination
  • Time management
  • Finding Joy
  • Balancing Work & Life
  • Dealing with stress
  • Being assertive
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Building Self awareness and confidence
  • Stopping Self-criticism and & Self-Sabotage
  • Decision making – marriage, parenthood, career, jor/business
  • Career Enhancement
  • Relationship management
  • Eliminating Fears & Insecurities
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Enhancing Fitness & health
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Living consciously
  • Managing roles better – parent, spouse, offspring, friend, employer, employee

If you know what you want and the process involved and are still not taking any action.


How does coaching work?

Your coach will work with you to create an action plan to help you find happiness and success in whatever areas you want to work on. You’ll talk in person or over a video call with your coach. about once or twice a week, and work at your own pace to resolve tough spots and highlight successes.

How does the process work?

You’ll be asked to fill a form to help you define what you want to work on. This will be followed  with an introductory discussion with the life coach to understand your expectation and to help you understand the process and what is expected of you. This is where you decide what would work better for you – personal sessions, group program or mentorship program.

What happens after the introductory discussion ?

Depending on what you decide with your coach, you will enroll for the program. If you choose a personal session then this is where you set up a schedule and book your appointment. In case of a mentorship program, you will schedule the dates for your interactions and reviews.

How much does ongoing coaching cost?

You can contact our front desk for the programs, their details and cost structure and any ongoing discounts if available.