Career Development Program

26 November 2014, Mumbai: As we know that knowledge plays a very important role in our life but in today’s time right set of skills and attitude pushes the individual ahead. In this Career Development Program RMCC has focused on very important and basic skills where we had included topics like Communication Skill building; Interpersonal Skill building; Self Confidence; Grooming; Team Building; Leadership Skills and “Career Talk”.

The three days extensive Career Development Program (CDP) was designed to provide the Durgadevi Saraf junior college students with the selfunderstanding and necessary tools to establish a meaningful career with various interesting activities to know one’s strength and weakness. RMCC expert counselors ensured that each student is equipped with the academic knowledge and career management skills to be successful at the end of their studies.

Each workshop consisted of activities where students understood the importance of communication with verbal and non verbal skills, they learnt the importance of giving instructions in a right way and points that we should avoid by Fruit Salad activity they even enjoyed Earth and Mars activity where they had to build interpersonal skills with other set of students only using Non Verbal means.

Self Confidence is very important for every individual in their career with the help of Balloon activity they could understand importance of self confidence and self worth required to any and every career they choose.

In Grooming which is a demanding aspect in today’s competitive careers, they exhibited their body posture, dressing sense, handshake etc and improvisation was done on the same.

Cup and Straw activity helped students to understand importance of Team Building and Leadership Skillsrequires in many careers such as Event Management; Media Management; Marketing even other traditional career streams.

Videos were shown which helped students to realize the mistake which can be avoided and can make us more polished.

The highlight of the Career Development Program is “Career Talk”Where we talk about various career and how can one pursue them with their respective entrance exam, tenure of the program, Fees for the entire course, expected Salary.

Students came up with lot of queries about the careers which they plan to pursue and they were addressed effectively by the career counselors. It included preliminary information about various careers and technical offerings, relevant information about career opportunities available in today’s world in India and Abroad and assistance with the career planning process.

If you want your career related concerns to be addressed write to Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre (RMCC) at or get connected on 9004444085