Career Guidance Seminar – Sanskaar Classes

A career guidance workshop was conducted with Sanskar Classes on 6th February, 2022 (Sunday) for parents and students who are currently studying in the 9th and 10th grade. The session was conducted in 2 batches and each session had over 20 parents and students. The career guidance session focused on helping students and parents understand the importance of career guidance and counseling and understand the process of career guidance for their growth.

The session focused on helping the students and parents break the myths around career counseling and learn about how career counselors and counseling can support their growth. The participants cleared their doubts and understood more about the career counseling process. They were then introduced to the concepts of career counseling and what it would entail. They understood that instead of parents just blindly making decisions for children without understanding their aptitude, personality and interest, could cause difficulties in their future personal and financial growth. 

The different stages of career counseling and the area of focus in each area was discussed with the participants. They were then introduced to the 3 streams of career counseling and what each of them entailed. The various entrance exams and the brief understanding of some careers were discussed with the students. The students understood that career experts can provide them with guidance in these areas and help them fill the gaps in their knowledge. The participants thanked the counselor for her inputs and mentioned that it helped them extensively grow with their learning about various fields. The career counseling process at RMCC was discussed extensively with the participants and all their doubts were cleared. 

Because of the pandemic and changes in school systems, parents and students are also worried about how they will manage their exam anxiety and perform effectively during exams. Multiple strategies to manage their exam anxiety and tips for parents to help their children were discussed extensively. Offline exams can be stressful but with the right support and guidance, students can perform effectively. The students and parents thanked the counselor for an interactive and knowledgeable session.