Career Guidance Seminar

On 24th of October, 2019, RMCC conducted career assessments for 100 students from Sachin’s Tutorials

A career guidance seminar was conducted. In the seminar, our team explained to the students and their parents the need to make an informed career decision and the various factors that play a role in it, namely Aptitude, Interest and Personality. After this the counsellors explained in detail about the various stages of career planning in a student’s life and what are the different career options available at each stage. Information about different streams, courses and career options were also provided to the students.

In the career assessment the students were administered computer based Scientific Assessment that maps theses facets: Aptitude, Interest, and Personality, learning style and career interest and motivators.

In the week following the assessment, individual counselling sessions will be held for each student, and overseas counselling will be provided to students on request. They were able to get a better understanding about their strengths, limitations, the career option suitable for them and how to pursue it. The students and their parents were greatly helped by the process as they got clarity about their career path, and various other concerns that require attention came to light.

The Career Assessment and Career guidance ended on a successful note.