Webinar: Career Guidance (Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School) – 18th February, 2022

A career guidance workshop was conducted with Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School on 18th February, 2022 (Friday) for parents and students who are currently studying in the 8th grade. The objective of the session was to help the students understand the importance of career assessments and guidance in making the right subject choices. The session was conducted online and had over 40 participants. The career guidance session focused on helping students choose the right subjects and explain how RMCC can support them in this decision.


The webinar focused on understanding how personality, interest and aptitude play a very important role in choosing a career and are helpful in career counseling. The facilitator helped them understand that these decisions cannot solely be based on one factor and all of them play an important role in making an informed career decision. They were then introduced to the concept of career counseling and what it would entail. They understood that instead of parents just blindly making decisions for children without understanding their aptitude, personality and interest, could cause difficulties in their future personal and financial growth. The counselor helped them understand that knowing about their strengths and areas of improvement can be very helpful for their progress.


The different stages of career counseling and the area of focus in each area was discussed with the participants. The counselor stressed on how they are all currently at the subject selection stage and making right decisions from now will help them funnel down their options effectively. They were then introduced to the 3 streams (Science, Commerce and Humanities) and what each of them entailed. The various entrance exams and the brief understanding of some careers were discussed with the students. The students and parents understood that career experts can provide them with guidance in these areas and help them fill the gaps in their knowledge.


RMCC has extensively helped students and working professionals to understand what subjects to select, stream selection, course selection, understanding of what career changes and profile changes need to be made, etc. The career counseling process at RMCC was discussed extensively with the participants and all their doubts were cleared. The participants were informed that post the orientation, there will be an initial inquiry, the career assessment conduction, and individual personalized career counseling session to explain the report and clear all doubts. The students were then given the space to ask any questions that they may have about the career counseling process/ about various careers.