Emotional Wellbeing webinar For Women

RMCC had organized a webinar on Emotional Wellbeing for Women on 30th June, 2020.

During this unprecedented time and amid lock down it has become challenging for all of us to stay resilient in the times of adversity.

Working women in general have been facing a lot of challenges juggling between work life balances. Especially women who are home makers have been loaded with more responsibilities and tasks and as a result it has been emotionally difficult for them to sustain in the stressful environment.

This webinar threw light on the importance of how to be emotionally resilient and how to manage self in the challenging times. Women are the ones who is the last in queue to take care of their self and hence this webinar also focus on importance of ME time and how to deal with challenging emotions and thoughts. The activities like looking within did bring a lot of calmness in them and they could feel energized. Strategy to feel safe and creating an ambience to be at peace in their environment were shared. The importance of being happy and to prioritize individual happiness were discussed. And to conclude the session various strategies were shared to keep them happy and equip them to handle unhealthy negative emotions.

The webinar was attended by more than 40 participants. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the activities conducted during the webinar which was evident by their feedback which said they felt very calm and refreshing after the webinar.

The webinar was concluded on a successful note as all the participants were able to equip themselves with strategies to stay resilient and replenish into a beautiful being that they are.