Happy Journaling Webinar – 19th September, 2020

Self-care has different meanings for everyone but on a fundamental level, self-care means taking care of oneself physically, emotionally and mentally. There are multiple self-care strategies that have been used by individuals during the lockdown and the webinar conducted by RMCC specifically focused on journaling as a self-care strategy. The purpose of the webinar was to equip the participants with the skill of journaling by rationalizing their thoughts and understanding how thoughts play an important role in influencing our behaviours.

The importance of having a structure while writing your thoughts down and introspecting over the same was reiterated during the webinar. Journaling helps us analyse our thoughts and build in perspective and insight. The facilitator and the participants started with a meditation exercise to initiate the journaling process. The role of our interpretations in any situations and how they play an important role in our thought processes was discussed with the participants. They were encouraged to do the journaling activity themselves and share their reflections on the same. The participants were thanked for their active participation during the webinar and encouraged to use the same as a self-care strategy regularly.