Let’s Talk – A workshop for Parents

On 27th March 2019 RMCC had organised a workshop for parents who have children with a learning difficulty.

As the parent of a child with learning difficulty or another special need, one may feel alone, frustrated, and misunderstood by “ordinary” parents. That’s why parent support groups and networking are important for them. They can help to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to find support along the way.

The objective of the workshop was to enable parents to share their concerns/ their challenges and success stories by parents who have been working with their children and are now on their way to success.

RMCC professionals facilitated the discussion amongst parents on the theme Let’s Talk. A detailed understanding of various aspects of difficulties faced by their child was discussed which included areas of reading, math, spellings, and phoneme awareness and written expression. In the open forum, the parents discussed their trial and turbulence and challenges they face when they get to know that their child is unable to cope up with his / her academic syllabus and/or emotional concerns. Strategies and tips were also shared by RMCC professional to aid parents with the importance of emotional quotient in their child’s life.

It was a very interactive workshop where parents came up with their experiences and strategies during their journey from denial to acceptance while working with their kids.

The workshop was concluded on a successful note.