Orientation Session – Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counselling Centre (RMCC)

An orientation session was conducted for the second year students (PGDM) of DSIM on 20th July 2017 by Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre. The session begun with an introduction of RMCC and the various services offered at the centre. During this interactive session students shared their experience in the corporate world which they had experienced in their summer internship.

An insight was given to the students on how knowing an individual’s aptitude and personality will not only assist them to prepare themselves for placement but also allow them to gauge their industry fitment and apt job profile. They were briefed about the psychometric assessments done at RMCC and how it can benefit them.

Further students were encouraged to acknowledge various personal challenges they may be facing due to peer pressure, academics, stress, any form of anxiety and seek assistance for the same. They were informed about the personalised sessions that are conducted at RMCC with a focussed approach to resolve individual’s challenges. Students displayed eagerness to explore their inter and intra personal skills which in turn will be beneficial in sharpening their skill set.