Overseas Education Seminar

Overseas Education Seminar

RMCC conducted an Overseas Education seminar for Parents and Students on 17th September, 2022.The informative session was organised to assist Parents and Students understand the detailed process of application and eligibility requirement for Overseas education.

The importance of Career counselling as the stepping stone for higher education was discussed and the requirement of making the right subject and stream choices. Few common mistakes made by the students while planning for Overseas education were shared with the students. Understanding of individuals personality, interest and aptitude help student’s to make apt course and career choices. Course/Curriculum popularly pursued and the upcoming courses were informed to the students.

Information about the eligibility examinations for undergraduate and postgraduate programs were shared. The optimum range of scores for SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT for admission were told to the students.

The counselor discussed the Admission process for overseas education and how students should build their professional profile which helps them for the admission process at the universities. The different subject combinations under various streams were discussed with the students and parents.

The counselor explained the process of scholarships and budgets of different countries to help parents and students understand the cost for overseas education. The students and parents were then encouraged to ask their questions and reach out individually later too if they had any doubts. The session was interactive and was helpful to parents and students to plan Overseas education.