Parenting Skills Workshop, MBIP- Aug 2018

On 8th August 2018, RMCC conducted a Parenting Skills Workshop for the parents of Mainadevi Bajaj Play School. The purpose of the workshop was to address the various concerns faced by the parents in dealing with their toddlers, and provide solutions based on psychological research.

The workshop started by opening the floor to the parents to mention about the problems that they are facing. After that Speech Development in toddlers was discussed with the parents. The counsellor informed them about the milestones for speech development along with providing practical tips to the parents about how they can aid their children in this process.

Behavioural issues that are common amongst this age group and how to tackle them was discussed next. The concerns included Discipline, Sharing and Screen Time. The behavioural expectation from toddlers was clarified to the parents, followed by strategies to deal with the same. The parents voiced their concerns and asked several questions regarding their children, which were answered by our psychologist

Physiological concerns, including Toilet Training, were covered next. Again the parents were informed about the expectations from the children of this age group and how they can gently wean their child to use the washroom.

Very importantly, the parents were taught about the importance of remaining calm, patient and keeping realistic expectations from their child. The importance of spending quality time with the child was also discussed. The workshop was very interactive; the parents got their queries answered and doubts cleared. RMCC received very good feedback from the parents. One parents mentioned-“It was a very effective session. All points were discussed very prominently. We would like to join the other sessions also if held anywhere on child psychology”