Professional Consultancy Testimonials

Student Name Date Feedback
Chris Anthony 03/05/2023 It was a great session with the counselor who helped a lot of doubts regarding my future and the
current issues that I’m facing. She suggested a lot of techniques which help in a much more
optimistic approach towards life and in achieving your goals
Aaryaman Deore 29/04/2023 Very helpful, really helped my son to drop his defenses and open up to new experiences
Saee Nagpure 28/04/2023 The sessions were great. They helped me a lot in personality development. I have got a really
nice confidence boost. It really helped me in developing the different aspects of my
Sanket Patil 22/04/2023 The counselor has very great skills. Her words and the way she handles your problems gives us a
self booster dose in our life. She takes her work very seriously which makes the men in distress
relieved and he/she can move on to greater heights in all fields.
Ujwala Sondagar 21/02/2023 It was really helpful and the counselor was very understanding and our all doubts are cleared.
Jagruti Naik 18/02/2023 Very informative session with Counselor. She explained everything very well. I had a sense of
clarity at the end of the session.
Prashant Tiwari 14/02/2023 It helped me to get clarity about my career and personality, It will definitely help me to make
decisions easily moving forward.
Chris Anthony 13/02/2023 Satisfied with the session and how the counselor explained the different career options
available and gave a detailed report.
Sheldon Patel 30/01/2023 Excellent session, very detailed oriented,amazing options, Opportunities provided in terms of
career choices
Noela Pereira 20/01/2023 Good session, pointed out the exact concern.
Kriti Sanganeria 22/12/2022 I am 100% satisfied with your services. The counselor guided us properly and patiently. I am
happy with the counselor
Pralesh Hate 01/12/2022 It was a great session as I expected, also the staffs are very polite and kind, price is also
affordable, enjoyed the session
Harshada Kulkarni 13-10-22 Basically all the areas of career development were addressed in depth with very simple examples.
The report was very detailed. Counselor took me through my own interests, and skills very
smoothly and I could ask whatever and get precise responses. Highly interactive and helpful
Neha Tambe 27-07-22 It was very helpful, she was very good at explaining.
Aditya Sharma 16-07-22 Very good and informative session, helped in understanding and finalizing on career path.Thank
you for the session Counselor ma’am.
Alban Amikat 04-07-22 It was a great session!
Kalashree Patil 20-06-22 It is good . Happy & thank you . The counselor is sweet & listens carefully. The
suggestions made by them would hopefully prove worthy . Thank you.
14-03-22 Got so much clarity in one session, it’s excellent.
15-12-22 I believe you people are doing a great job and it has helped me alot and I hope that you
continue doing the same to make better lives for people to come.
10-01-2022 Helpful Corporate
Counseling session
focusing on the strength and weakness based of profile.
28-12-2021 The Corporate
Counseling session
was very helpful; it helped me to clear my thoughts and
doubts, also after this session. I am clear with my career path. Thank You!!
15-12-2021 I believe you people are doing a great job and it has helped me alot and I hope that you
continue doing the same to make better lives for people to come.
9-12-2021 It was quite insightful and gave a direction to plan ahead.
30-11-2021 Great Counseling, comfortable & peaceful. The team was on – point & quick with service.
Would appreciate having more sessions indeed in the counseling, as it will help a person
navigate after having sometime on self reflection.
22-11-2021 Firstly, thank you for the session. The process was very streamlined and guidance provided at
every step was helpful. The assessment test is comprehensible and can be completed quickly. The
report generated is also easy to read. The Counseling session with
the Counsellor was very good. The inferences drawn from the result were apt and accurate. I
could relate with them very well. The flow of the session was also, well-paced. It helped me to
channelize my thoughts and untangle some confusion I was facing on how to proceed ahead. The
options provided were provided in such a manner that the experience that I have till date would
not be completely negated and I can find a solution by leveraging it. Thank you again. I will
definitely suggest your name to anyone looking at a career assessment.
18-11-2021 Very Helpful, Caring and very structured
19/10/2021 It was a very helpful session for me to put my thoughts together and get clarity towards career
13/10/2021 The session was great, the counsellor being very understanding. I got a better idea on how I
should be processing things and what I should be following. Would surely be recommending this to
more people
29/09/2021 it was good counsellor explained me points and it really helped to get an insight
22/09/2021 Great Session overall, helped me narrow down my Skill Set and find out what’s the best option
for me.
08/09/2021 It helped me to clear my confusion and the counsellor gave me some career choice which aligns
with my personality and skills, it was really useful.
03/09/2021 I got valuable inputs on my career options both from the counsellor and the director. The report
has given me a very clear idea of what path I should go for.
06/08/2021 It was an insightful session. I got a thorough understanding about my career choices for the
future. Thanks for the same. Keep up the good work. What you are doing is very noble and
28/07/2021 The test & assessment was excellent and the feedback report shared had valuable insight and
accurate results. It was a precise thing that I taught and the recommendation was absolutely
13/07/2021 The explanation was very detailed and thorough. All my questions were patiently answered. The
session was empathetic and sensitively handled.
15/06/2021 The session was really very good. It helped to know my areas of skills and interest. The
counsellor was very friendly and it was great talking to her, sharing my feelings with her, she
showed me the correct path and explained in detail about each and every concept and the areas I
have to work in.
12/05/2021 It was a very informative and interactive session. I liked the friendly nature of my counsellor
and the way she explained things. Thank you so much for the detailed counselling.
23/04/2021 She made it much clearer for me. Straightforward, had a great session.
20/04/2021 comprehensive report considering every aspect necessary for helping make our career decision was
perfect. Discussion with the counsellor was apt and practical.
06/03/2021 Overall experience is very good, the counseling session had
given me clarity on my career path, thanks for helping me out
05/03/2021 The session was very informative; I got to learn a lot but still not fully satisfied.
19/02/2021 The session is good; I got so much clarity about my personality and career option
18/02/2021 It was a very good session and the assessment was very accurate
21/09/2020 The session was great. She helped me a lot to figure out my likes and dislikes. I’m confident
about my career path now.
10/09/2020 I got very good advice and felt heard and understood.
03/09/2020 The session was good….It helped me to clear my thoughts or my confusion….It helped me to
make a clear picture of what I need to do further and most importantly brought me to decide or
think about one field which I can opt for. Thank You